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Abstract Planet
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Sandra Vilevac

Founder - Artist, Scientist, Designer

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Aspiring 21st Century Renaissance Woman

Why didn't anyone tell me I could be an engineer? Why didn't anyone nurture my artistic abilities?

I always figured it was because of where I came from and the opportunities that surrounded me.  But later in life, when I got a job at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA, I realized I'd be a great engineer. Then, I asked myself, how many other young students are there out there who don't know they'd be great engineers?  How many opportunities are we losing for innovative solutions because we are not equitably educating our children?


The work that I do encompasses both creative and technical mindsets to find innovative systematic solutions. My process is design thinking. My products are tailored community development projects that merge STEM, Art, Education and Mindfulness. 

Now that I have twenty years in the workforce, with experience in the Education, STEM, Healthcare, and Wellness Industries I'm taking the dive and launching Glucose Design Studios globally.  With a portfolio of Executive Leadership Training, Cultural Shifts, Strategic Planning and Program Development, I'm looking to work with business leaders willing to collaborate to develop community programs that make great impact. 

A snapshot of the types of programs that I build all have the following: 

  • Equity and Diversity and Inclusion 

  • Empowerment through Education

  • Health and Wellness Practices 

  • Sustainability & Preservation of our Planet 

  • New Technologies 

The communities and cultures I develop give individuals:

  • Growth Mindset Leadership

  • Opportunities to Grow Local Entrepreneurship 

  • Technology Integration 

  • Arts Collaborations

  • Accessible Health and Wellness Resources

So what does as a 21st Century Renaissance woman look like? I envision a future of women leaders who know their true power to influence and create and produce work that empowers communities. Women who can have big ideas and visions and make them happen. We mobilize, connect and execute on the executive level. We fill gaps and overcome obstacles.

My biggest vision is to open a series of schools, globally, focused on STEAM, Mindfulness, Health and Design Thinking, producing the innovators of tomorrow. Cultivating international collaboration and empowering sustainable solutions. 


Thank you for joining me on this journey to explore the intersection of art and science, women and leadership and health and community growth. Please contact me with any collaboration ideas.  


sandra vilevac painting artist 2.jpg

Artist & Scientist

Inspired by Planet Earth

I feel connected to the planet each day when I walk. I take the time to slowly breath in all of my surroundings. 

Art has catalyzed my exploration of the planet. As I question, I explore. As I explore, I connect. As I connect, I feel whole. 

My life passion is to empower others to explore as well, to connect, and to feel whole. 

My education programs include my signature curriculum that incorporates STEM, Art and Mindfulness. 

Enjoy the samples of my art: paintings, illustrations, murals, graphics and photography. All are an integral part of my personal self-reflection journey to continue to be a servant and growth mindset leader in todays world. 

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