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Transforming Communities through catalyzing
STEM, Art & Mindfulness Projects & Programs 

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Program Development

I use design thinking to truly understand vision. I mobilize all stakeholders and resources to build lasting STEAM programming.



Don't know where to start? Let's work through your vision, ideas and resources to determine the best informed next steps for your program or project. 


Community Development

Innovative communities of the future include STEAM at the forefront. It is an intersection of STEM, Art and Mindfulness for thriving economic development. 

Abstract Surface

I have a passion for understanding the intersectionality of science and art. I want to transform perspectives in education and community development in a way that allows individuals to feel connected with themselves, others and our beautiful planet through STEM, art and mindfulness mindsets. 

Glucose is the energy that fuels all living things. 

Glucose is my favorite molecule and is what connects humans with other living things.

It is an energy source!


Why Do I Do This?

Throughout my life, I've experienced the great value of arts and creativity in my professional career. The integration of arts within STEM allows solutions for the complex problems of today and tomorrow. It is my passion to share this knowledge with the world.


Art Catalyzes Exploration

As I've explored the Education, Arts, STEM and Mindfulness Industries to develop unique programs for each, I have had the opportunity to truly understand the needs for:

  • Global Future Workforce

  • Innovative Education 

  • Innovative and Integrative Technology Advancements


Our global economy will get there through the arts!​

“The early influence of classical music and authentic engagement with the outdoors has had a lasting impact on my children. They have grown up and followed STEAM career pathways.” - Patty Pentecost

“Sandra’s impeccable communication style allows all students to feel welcome in her classes. My two sons absolutely loved her winter STEAM camp. They learned both creative and technical skills that I see them using everyday in school and in play.” - Risha George 

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