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STEAM classes

Science.  Technology.  Engineering.  Art.   Math.

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Energizing A Future of Innovators

What Is STEAM Education?

Our Classes Allow Students To Blaze Their Own Path!

Fusing STEM with Art Skills = Creative & Innovative Mindsets

STEAM is A New Lane

Inclusive, Innovative & Future Driven

STEAM Learning is not just about robots.

It is not just about learning to code. 


- Creative Problem Solving

- Understanding Diverse Points Of View

- Having Requirements and Limitations

- Creating Out of the Box Solutions 

- Communicating And Marketing Ideas

- Solving Real World Challenges

- Developing Products With Empathy

- Infusing Arts And Creativity In Everyday Life

What is Our Curriculum?

We merge STEM skills with Art and Design skills

to teach Creative and Innovative Mindsets.

STEM Foundations

Scientific Method

Engineering and Design Cycle

Data Collection

Technology Development

Social & Emotional Learning

Emotional Empowerment

Personal Expression

Empathy & Compassion

Art & Design

Creative Expression

Technical Drawing

Visual Communication

Promotion & Pursuasion

STEAM Leadership

Finding Personal Purpose

Impacting Our World

Navigating Career Landscapes

Blazing Your Own Path

What Will Students Receive?

Our goal is that students will receive enough inspiration, foundational knowledge and content to stay  engaged for months after our workshops!

STEM Skills





Creative Expression



Mixed Media


STEAM Challenges

Foundational skills for:

Computer Science


Web Design/UX

New Technologies


Science Communication


Create prototypes and promotional materials for STEAM inventions.

Amplify student voices.

Offering weekly workshops!

Our Current Classes



Navigating Home Learning
Teacher Assisting a Student

Teacher PD

Joy in Online Teaching



STEAM Foundations
Family Time

Family Fun!

STEAM Anytime
College Prep
STEAM Foundations


& Teens

To be a star...

You must shine your own light,

Follow your own path, 

And don't worry about the darkness...

Because that is when stars shine the


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