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Why Not Dare To Be Bold?

Manifesto: To demonstrate the intersection of art and STEM mindsets as essential tools for every global citizen. Delivering the highest quality STEAM educational experiences that inspire students to create and explore the world around them - to be the greatest innovators of the future. To empower all students with the gifts of: fearlessness, confidence and endless hunger for knowledge. To provide the most meaningful and memorable learning experiences that connect learners with themselves, others and the world. To catalyze creativity and innovation. 

Sandra Vilevac

Fearless Explorer & Catalyst for Growth 

Systems thinker

code switcher

right and left brained

scientist and artist

mindfulness practice 

trauma informed education 

focus on low-income and high-risk populations

global perspective 

20 years teaching 

3 countries (so far) 

I practice: STEM, Art, Mindfulness and heatlh myself, continuously investigting and testing and then share my findings.

STEM, Art, Mindfulness, Health collaborations, increase happiness.

Designer teaching design thinking for all to learn creativity and innovation

Vision: STEAM learning experiences ubiquitous in all communities all over the world 

Over 100K Students

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