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Cybersecurity Training Starts In Middle School

I joined Miss Technology's Cybersecurity Summer Camp for Middle School students this past August. As we are in Cybersecurity awareness month, October, I'd like to share our experience with the students. Founder, Monica Saraf and I met while recruiting for NASA Interns about four years ago while she was still in high school. Now, Monica is a successful two time NASA Intern and continuing to grow in the cybersecurity industry even before graduation from Purdue.

Overall, we taught what we think is the fundamental basics of cybersecurity:

  • Networks

  • Operating systems

  • Coding languages

  • Hackers

  • Input/output

  • Passwords

What did students LOVE?

  • Cyphers

  • Input/Output hands-on games

  • Testing strength of passwords

Students could do this for hours. We could not believe how much they love to solve puzzles. You could feel the brain waves through the online learning.

If you are putting together a cybersecurity curriculum for your Middle Schools students, don't be overwhelmed. Stick with the basics and fundamentals. If anything, students really need to understand online safety and protecting their online identity.

Our top resources for Cybersecurity learning are:

Have fun being safe!

For more information on Miss Technology:

For more information, reach out and I'll help build a curriculum or program for your school's needs.

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