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F-Up When You Are In Your 20's

How f-ing up in your 20's isn't that bad of a thing to do... if you already did.

If you are in your 20's you are here for advice, so you can also read this. Try to make the most of your energy and opportunities and make good decisions. If you don't know what decisions to make, ask a trusted advisor, a life coach.

For my reflection on this topic:

I recently read 10 points of advice from a billionaire and he said: be wise in your 20's because it can have tremendous impact for the rest of your life.

Well, at 43, I said, F-ck, I didn't get that advice back then. And, when I thought about it, I didn't even have the mindset to know anything different. I definitely F-ed up

I remember F-ing up everyday I listen to a Defected Records House Music mix. I was a child of the early 2000's - a raver. Dancing all night changed my life. The rave scene has a very bad reputation, but the flip-side of it is that I met people from all over the world, dancing to tribal rhythms all night with "PLUR" - peace, love, unity and respect.

Was I surrounded by a lot of people who had high ambitions? No, mostly ambitions to get high. I said "No" to the drugs and negativity, but I also didn't know what to say "Yes" to. I was lost.

I made many bad mistakes: abusive relationships, investing in programs that didn't pan out, supporting others financially, and taking jobs to get a paycheck. Let me tell you, I was empty.

On the flip-side, I loved to fight. I fought out of every one of those obstacles, one bloody footstep and knuckle at a time, recovering, and getting back up again and again, no matter what. I became a champion fighter.

We don't choose where we come from. I come from a lot of trauma: sexual, emotional and physical abuse and deep rooted psychological illness for generations. When I left at 18, I may have been very unstable, but I knew I wanted more.

I think the biggest blessing I have ever received in life, is my artistic abilities. Because I can take a blank piece of paper and create something beautiful out of nothing, I leveraged that mindset to everything in my life. I believed I could make anything beautiful, that I had the power.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for hearing my story, one small part.

I invite you to check out coaching with me. I'll pour the power to envision your beautiful future into you, so you too can say f-ck to your f-ck ups and move on!



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