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What is the STEM Workforce Pipeline?

To create a rich future of innovation, we have to start early. Yes, as early as Kindergarten to prepare students for the STEM Industry.

The STEM Workforce Pipeline is not just about education, it is about engagement, mentoring and leadership. It is about cultivating a culture of learning, mentoring and teaching. Primary school students can learn from industry professionals and they can also provide important insight and innovative ideas.

At Glucose Design Studios, we cultivate and manage a rich Workforce Pipeline growing talent. Here's a little bit how we do it:

GDS cultivates students Kindergarten through High School
STEM Industry Workforce Pipeline

K-12 STEAM Foundations & College Prep

We prepare students with STEM and Creative Mindsets. This is how we define STEAM Education. We not only teach technical skills but help students make real-world connections. Our students learn to think like STEM professionals as well as problem solve. So, no, our programming is not learning robotics.

Instead our hands-on STEAM Programming & Curriculum answers questions like: Where did the robot come from? What is the robot for? How is it made? How does it work? Who creates robots? For what reason? How can we find new uses for the robot? How can we create socially responsive robots?

We do not believe that college prep is just about grades and community service. We prep students to blaze their own career paths, to truly know their interests in life and understand the avenues they can take to follow their purpose and passions.

Internships & Career Readiness

We are proud of the hundreds of students we've prepared to be STEAM Innovators. Our students have very specific qualifications that place them ahead of the pack when applying for the workforce.

Our students are humble and hungry for knowledge. They know how to work in teams and contribute their unique points of view. Our students know how to present their work for stakeholder buy-in and funding. Our students have a growth mindset and contribute innovative ideas. Our students are servant leaders and entrepreneurs.

GDS Cultivates Diversity and innovation
STEAM Industry Workforce Pipeline

Workforce Development

We work closely with the STEM Industry to establish partnerships for subject matter expert (SME) Mentors. We connect our students directly to industry SMEs to receive mentoring. Additionally, our students have opportunities to share their ideas with industry professionals.

The workforce pipeline builds the future of the STEM Industry. Students no longer work in a vacuum, they understand the importance of what they are studying and contribute their ideas to impact the future of STEM. The pipeline offers a cycle of ideas that flow from Kindergarten to adult.

We need the pipeline to assure that we are cultivating creative leaders that will continue to solve our world's very complex problems like: Space Exploration, Human Health, Energy Consumption and Conservation, Global Climate Change, Sustainable Economies and Global Preservation.

We speak directly to schools and organizations in depth to further explain the pipeline in a way that allows students to see themselves in this mission. Schedule us for a speaking event today!

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