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A Design Botique Focused
Human Centered Design
for Humans

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I am Sandra Vilevac

At Glucose Design Studios, my focus is on human-centered design, where I intersect the worlds of art and science to create innovative solutions that inspire the next generation of explorers in every industry. My services include design thinking, user experience, and creative strategy, all of which aim to put people at the center of every solution. I believe in designing for diverse perspectives and strive to foster a creative and inclusive environment for all.

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My History Here...

Inspired by the intersection of nature and art, birthed from the need to focus integrity in STEM workforce development and new technology, Glucose Studios has a new face! 

For over ten years, I've led this design studio to reach clients and audiences all over the world.  I am an art and science educator at the core, and a critical problem solver by profession. I've woven in and out of the Healthcare, Education, and Space Industries as an artist who enjoys inspiring and leading change. As a consultant, I have worked specifically with small, minority-owned businesses to develop their foundational business strategy, including branding and audience building. 

Now, I am unifying my consulting with my professional experience to broaden my impact. My focus is to work on talented and creative multi-disciplinary teams who are mission-focused and desire to make a positive impact on inclusive economic development. I can play a role as a program manager, designer, and facilitator to get projects off the ground and onto making an impact and gaining fiscal returns. 

For now, the main buckets of services that are readily available are the following.  I continue to strive to build my team, offer more services, and increase influence and impact. 

Why Glucose?

Glucose is my favorite molecule. A strong chain of six Carbon atoms.

It is the energy that fuels all life!

Most people think of diabetes or sugar when they hear the word "Glucose".

My "Why" is to change perspectives and facilitate transformative experiences. Therefore, Glucose was the best choice for my business. 

I want to change the way people think about the STEM Industry.

In the end, I hope to influence a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable STEM Industry that has the capabilities of solving our world's critical challenges with integrity. 

Now is the time

The key to a bright future is collaboration.

Let's chat to see how I can add value to your team and mission.

Stay in Touch


Washington, D.C.

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