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Meet the founder

Sandra Vilevac

I've coached thousands of individuals of all ages.

Coaching is in my blood: the way I speak, the way I move and the way I breathe.

I've waited to invest in life coaching as a profession until I was complete with my generational and ancestral healing process. Whew, that was a f-ing nightmare, quite the ride, bloody and the toughest moments I've ever encountered. And I did it! I am healed. 

Now, it is time to pour into others, sharing my story, my wisdom and my healing. 

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To help all those willing and hungry to make great changes in their lives; to share tools and skills to help others make the impact they were created to do. 

To use: Human Centered Design to support human development and growth.

I bring human centered design to both individuals as well as business organizations. 


I'm here as your coach and to pour into you.

I'm here to invite other amazing coaches to join me in my boutique. We'll pour into each other, and pour positivity into the world together. 

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I work with a hand picked group of professionals from the education, health and wellness, design, art and STEM community to produce the most innovative and informed human centered design workshops. 

Research Based

Staying on the cutting edge of thought leadership, research and difficult conversations to bring forth the most unique and informed experience. 


With a portfolio of sustainable, low cost, high impact projects completed, working with any sized budget to produce great results. Innovation occurs with lack of resources and leads to amazing results. 


Creating the best strategy that directly meets your needs. Knowing that execution is the hardest phase, providing all of the support needed to get started, stay focused every step of the way, enjoy the journey and celebrate huge success. 

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