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Glucose Design Studios is a design studio with an expertise in education reform.  Taking a revolutionary approach, we believe in transforming education on a global scale. With a deep understanding of student needs and the current job market, we offer STEM programs that are both practical and innovative. Join us and let us help you take your education to the next level!

Sandra's Approach: 

With over 20 years as a revolutionary educator throughout the world, I am turning around to give back to the broader community. Sharing a deep understanding of student needs and ways of learning with bridges to the current job market, I am taking a design thinking approach to planning, executing and evaluating STEM Programs.  

This page will display the current educational offerings. Though, I will always do custom consulting based on need, again, using design thinking. 

Rooted education is a positive stance to uplift the current state of education. I believe the educational system needs to be strengthened on a local, and community level. These initiatives empower local, user-centric, culturally mindful, trauma-informed, community-driven, and highly engaging products for all learners' educational programs. 

Take this exciting journey with me!

Fy 24 Goals Evaluation

Our FY 24 Goals Evaluation is exactly what your STEM organization needs to set and achieve its goals. Our efficient sprint process, encompassing a thorough assessment of all lines of business, ensures that the impact delivered is greater than even our clients expect. We can complete the evaluation in just 7-14 hours over the course of 3 weeks, allowing you to maximize your time and resources and make informed decisions.

Click here for a FREE guide to the process.

Email us at to set up a FREE 30 minute consultation. 


Total Eclipse Inspiration

The U.S.'s Total Solar Eclipse, April 8, 2024, can be a huge catalyst to engage the public with science.  It is an opportunity to connect with ourselves, our planet, and our cosmos. How? Simply, go outside, explore, ask questions, and experience. I have compiled five new points of view for the eclipse that can help bridge science into our everyday lives in a meaningful and authentic way. Enjoy the resources provided and try out the STEAM Challenge. Contact me for any questions.

Smithsonian Learning Lab Total Solar Eclipse STEAM Challenge is here with all of your resources to explore, engage and transform.

Total Solar Eclipse STEAM Challenge (YouTube Thumbnail).jpg
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