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3 Tools To Establish A Foundation For Transformation


This course has 3 tools I've used for two decades and has proven results. I will demonstrate the tools, demonstrate how to use them, and empower you to establish a strong foundation for transformation. All tools are high-impact and efficient in time. Therefore, you can make significant changes quickly. 1. Tool one is for Envisioning Your Best Self for now and the future. 2. Tool two is for making decisions and increasing your integrity. 3. Tool three is understanding your "Why" to focus your time and energy. Coaches Have Superpowers To See You! All of your awesomeness and help you see the same. Sign up for coaching today: I have two types of clients: young adults, 18-23 looking for professional and personal support to become their best selves & Seasoned professionals looking to grow as leaders and innovators. For Young Adults: As a NASA recruiter, I know what you need to be an innovator and reach for the stars: get the internship you want, land the dream job, and/or build the life you dream. Coach Sandra will: ⭐ Help you fully understand your strengths and talents ⭐ Create a clear vision ⭐ Carve a pathway forward ⭐ Keep you on track Help you achieve your dreams!

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