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2024 Business Vision Planning

Let me begin with the strong statement: 2023 was my most powerful year yet! It was a year of making very hard choices in order for me to grow.

I am beyond proud of my personal and professional accomplishments. After leaning in hard during COVID and saying to myself: my self-sabotage cycle and habits need to stop. I learned the impact of trauma in my life that continuously crept up. Never could others see it in my professional stature, rarely in my personal life, but I knew the triggers and cycles were there. I looked in the mirror and said to myself: I want more! I want to transcend the limiting narrative that I have created for myself.

So, I dug in and went on a journey with no fear and all trust. My accomplishments included: saying yes to me! For many, it may have appeared messy because I said "No" to many things and chose an unconventional path. What others saw as a mess, I considered clearing. I was clearing out the noise, wasted energy, toxicity and negativity for positivity, growth, change and health.

Do you doubt yourself when you are being pulled in a direction many would think is crazy? Ask yourself: Have you ever heard a story from a highly successful person that said: I took the path everyone else was taking? The path I chose was my path. I learned the most valuable lesson I've needed to learn to date: My TRUE Value.

This was a huge leap of faith. I had to have upmost trust in myself and my abilities. The strength and courage it took to fuel the flame to accomplish my goals was the catalyst for me understanding my true power. I did have it in me to say "Hell Yes!" and "Hell No!" at crossroads. There was no gray area in my decisions, I was focused and driven.

Can I share my accomplishments with you? I wonder if you can recognize the great feats you overcame last year. I wonder if you can see them as testament to your true power.

For each of my accomplishments it was not obvious at first that the choices I made were correct. I knew it felt good for my soul, so I listened and followed. I encountered many challenges along the way. I encountered many people telling me I was doing the wrong thing and who questioned what I was doing.

I also had my tribe who trusted me and encouraged me. I am forever indebted and blessed for my tribe who supported me along the way. I would not be the woman I am today without the support I had to uplift me and remind me of my inner power.

With highest gratitude to myself, my tribe and my unbound spiritual faith, I believe I have fully healed my trauma cycles of limiting thoughts and actions. I am ready for 2024 with a full tool belt, a voice, a tribe and a clear vision for my greater self.

2024 is the year for me to actively transcend my limiting self. I spent 2023 creating my personal foundation, one that I can trust. Now, though action, voice and purpose, 2024 will reveal the value of the foundation. I am excited for my 2024 goals and would like to share them with this community.

The core of my work is in mantras:

The actionable goals are:

I hope you do one of two things this year:

  1. Dig into and invest in yourself - to find your true power and purpose.

  2. Believe in your value and accomplish goals beyond your imagination.

With love and gratitude,




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