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Sleep For Two Whole Days AND Then Change

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

This advice is for anyone in need to make major changes in a small amount of time.

Have you ever been in the middle of a crisis?, had your back up against the wall with no where to go?, OR just can not take your situation anymore and you have had ENOUGH.

We've all been there, and it is scary.

Here's my advice on what to do immediately:

This assignment is to: stay in solitude for at least two days. There is no media, no calls, no extra communication (outside of your normal home / family requirements).

Just like a caterpillar goes into the chrysalis to form into a butterfly, so too, should you take the time in the chrysalis. The "cocooning" stage is integral for a quick change.

Materials needed:

Comfortable, neutral space, no technology, soft lighting, live plants, soft music, clean water, plenty of fruits and vegetables.... and a Journal / Pen = you will be capturing your thoughts in this process.

Get set to be still:

There is a whole lot of sh-t going on inside your body, mind and spirit when you allow it to transition to move into another direction, to make a hard left turn off the path you've been on for so long.
  1. Your spirit is resting

  2. Your heart is healing

  3. Your mind is processing

  4. Your emotions are neutralizing

  5. You are building up an energy reserve

Next, while there, see if you can begin to do the following:

  1. Release: when any negative thoughts come to mind of the past, let them go! Say: you are no longer mine!

  2. Clear space: Clear your mind. If you've been in a troubling situation, it is likely you have a lot of "diarrhea" in your mind, a lot o chaos, and a lot of confusion. That's the ugly of toxicity, it scrambles up reality and makes your vision cloudy.

  3. Hear: Once you clear space of the garbage, you are more open to hear your own thoughts. Truly sit and listen to what is going on (Remember to give away any tension, toxicity and negative thoughts, that is not you.) What does your body, mind and spirit need?

  4. Ask questions from your heart: ASK FOR GUIDANCE - What does your heart not understand? What does it deeply desire? Where does it want to go? What do you have to lose? (I know your heart and your spirit will begin to reveal answers) When we are in chaos, we don't have time to even think about what we need beyond surviving. Your body is in a state of calm and safety, listen to what it is saying.

Your journal assignments:
Capture your thoughts in the beginning and the end of each day at the minimum.
Write down the questions you have.
Document the answers you are hearing in your heart and spirit.
Describe how you feel.
Capture the days/nights in words.

NOTE: journaling is not about formal/proper language or made to be public. It is private and there is no concern for error. This is for you and you only. (Personally, I have the worst spelling and worst penmanship and I journal everyday. It is life changing. Sometimes I burn the journals, sometimes I keep them. I rarely re-read them. Thats me!)

At the core of this experience, this is what you are doing:

You are humbling yourself for a greater power to guide you through faith, hope and love.

I believe there are things, powers and energies much bigger than I can ever imagine and it is during these times that I am most grateful for because it has helped me to touch this reality in my most raw moments. These moments are scary, but they are also divine.

And when you wake up, the world seems so much clearer and you are ready for a new adventure... at least to take the first step forward.



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