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Leaders are required to ALWAYS have their best foot forward - how do you maintain that with health?

Let's think of leadership as dancing. We can be the best dancers, but sometimes still will misstep.

The same applies to leaders. We will misstep.

So, knowing that, here are some tips for great leaders to always be "on point":

  1. Health is your priority- remember health is a choice, so you have to wake up every morning and meditate at night with the action and energy: "Make healthy choices today"

  2. Learn Grace - when you misstep, learn to make it look good. In the same breath, go with the movement and let it flow.

  3. Reflect - always, always, always take time between actions to reflect. Reflection is the most powerful tool in your belt. What did you do to misstep? What way did you move? Did it work? What would you do differently next time?

  4. Be Humble - to yourself - ALWAYS. We are not perfect, but we can be humble. Know you are human and say: "Well, that's the way it worked out and the choices we made. Next time we will do better. What do you think we could have done to do better?"

  5. Be Truthful - With all of the steps above, being honest with yourself about what actually happened, and being honest with others, especially your team, after is the secret sauce. Integrity leads to growth.

With this knowledge you will be successful. Live by these mantras and you will continue to grow everyday, grow your business and team and make an impact in this world.

These are simple things, yet, hard choices. If it was not hard, everyone would do it and our world would be a perfect place.

So, in life, dance always. Sometimes you'll have great performances, sometimes you'll fall and falter. All of the time, you'll enjoy the ride.


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