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Excited about U.S.'s Total Solar Eclipse!

I wanted to place together my top five inspirations for the Total Solar Eclipse. Many people will have the rare opportunity to experience the total solar eclipse and I wanted to share inspirations that can enrich the experience.

Number 5: Make art!

Be inspired by the eclipse. I was inspired by my experience in 2019 of the total solar eclipse in Charleston, South Carolina. My family and I were on a boat, in the water, listening to the local radio and playing hundreds of songs about the sun. It went dark, the birds and animals were alarmed and my heart and body felt different than it had ever felt before. During the eclipse, the radio played, Total Eclipse of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler and I will never forget the entire experience. It was breathtaking and intense yet calming and surreal. This experience was channeled in this painting. I hope you can create your own art to capture your experience and remember it forever. Make a painting, a song, poetry, a play, etc. All art is encouraged of course.

Number 4: Contemplate...

The eclipse does not need to be experienced with a loud party in a large group. Inspired by indigenous peoples of the U.S., I learned that Navajo cosmology holds the solar eclipse as a sacred time. Traditionally, they go indoors and reflect. Check out the resource from Dr. Nancy Maryboy of the Indigenous Education Institute where this is explained. This inspired me to think that I can create a sacred experience for myself and be away from the noise.

Number 3: Explore the Mysterious!

In 1919, there was a total solar eclipse in the U.S. and scientists used it as an opportunity to explore Einstein's theory of relativity. They observed, that day during the eclipse, stars changing locations! We live in an amazing planet that is in an even more amazing universe. We don't understand most things that exist, still today after thousands of years of experiencing our world and universe. Experience the eclipse with a sense of wonder and awe and enjoy that feeling of being amazed.

Number 2: Be A Scientist!

Anyone can be a scientist. Once you experience the world with awe, you also begin to formulate questions. What are your questions about the eclipse? What do you wonder? Share your wonders with your family and friends. Be a science observer and use safe viewing glasses to look at the sun. You will see the moon masking the sun and also see the sun's mass coronal ejections! These energetic bursts from the sun are what cause solar weather. Look even further and explore how solar weather impacts our planet every day.

Number 1: Learn How Artists Are Becoming Planetary Defenders!

The study of the sun and Earth connection is heliophysics. This new field is multidisciplinary and includes both scientists and creatives. Both are needed to problem-solve and visualize data for further exploration. The biggest reason creatives are needed is because this is an invisible phenomenon that poses a threat to our daily lives. A large solar storm can potentially take out our technology, causing many safety issues. NASA and NOAA have it covered, so don't worry, but more is needed to continue to protect our planet. Explore more if this sounds like an exciting career for you.

Watch my video that explains these five things more.

Gather your family and community to participate in the STEAM Challenge.

Total Solar Eclipse STEAM Challenge
Download PDF • 26.91MB

Enjoy the total solar eclipse!



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